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Deluxe DIY Bees Wax Candle Making Kit (makes 68 candles)

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Deluxe DIY Bees Wax Candle Making Kit (makes 68 candles): With this deluxe candle making kit you will be able to make 50 tea light candles, 12 votive candles and 6 container candles. We provide everything you need to make a range of distinctive candles.Kit includes: Eco-friendly and clean burning, 100% pure beeswax for making 68 candles, 50 tea light wicks, 12 votive wicks, 6 container candle wicks, 50 tea light molds, 6 votive molds, 6 tin container candle holders with clear lids, pour pot, candle thermometer, 4.5 lbs gold beeswax and complete instructions. With this kit you'll be inspired to make wonderful candles. Manufactured in Portland, Oregon by Grow and Make. Committed to producing quality, all natural and sustainable products.Total Satisfaction Guaranteed. 5294268481 1037

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